The rampant issue of illegal logging in Indonesia has caused severe damage to the forests. One solution currently promoted by the government is the use of certified wood or what is legal wood. So, what exactly is and why is it important for the public to know?


Legal wood is a term for wood sourced from sustainable forests and has undergone rigorous legality verification processes. Certified legal wood comes with a written guarantee that the wood is harvested in accordance with procedures and standards for sustainable forest management.

Current wood legality certifications in Indonesia include:

  • SVLK – Timber Legality Verification System
  • FSC – Forest Stewardship Council
  • LEI – Indonesian Ecolabel Institute With certified legal wood, consumers and industries can ensure that the wood products used are genuinely free from illegal logging practices that harm the forests.

Benefits of Using Legal Wood

There are several tangible benefits to using certified legal wood as raw material, including:

  • Helping prevent illegal logging practices in the natural forests of Indonesia, which can lead to deforestation and ecosystem damage.
  • Ensuring the quality and sustainability of forests as a shared natural resource for the well-being of society.
  • Supporting the forestry and timber industry in the country that adheres to responsible and sustainable practices according to applicable regulations.
  • Providing legal certainty for producers and consumers of wood products regarding the origin of the raw materials used.

How to Obtain Legal Wood in Indonesia

For the general public, legal wood can be obtained from several reliable sources, including:

  • Buying directly from farmers or forestry cooperatives that have sustainable forest management certificates.
  • Purchasing from factories or wood processing industries with legality certifications such as SVLK.
  • Buying from suppliers or furniture stores verified to use legal wood as raw material.
  • Making online purchases from furniture e-commerce platforms that include wood legality certificates.
  • Ensuring the authenticity of wood legality certificates when purchasing wood products.

This is a comprehensive explanation about legal wood to enhance public understanding and awareness. Hopefully, efforts to combat illegal logging through the widespread use of legal wood will increase in the country.