Hakima Rattan Hanging Planter

Sustainable Stewardship

As a top rattan furniture manufacturer, we prioritize sustainability through responsible resource management, eco-friendly practices, and sustainable material sourcing. We believe that sustainable practices not only benefit the planet but also enhance the quality of our rattan furniture.

Stackable Concept

We embraces a sustainable approach by incorporating a stackable design for some of our products. This innovative concept minimizes carbon footprints during transportation by optimizing packing efficiency.

Empowerment of Local Residents

Dedicated to sustainable practices, we areproudly empowers the local community. The majority of our workforce, including both employees and subcontractors, hails from the surrounding areas. This intentional choice not only supports the growth of our community but also underscores our commitment to social responsibility.


We prioritize quality and sustainability, backed by multiple certifications. These attest to our commitment to delivering high-standard, eco-friendly products, ensuring our customers receive furniture that is both beautiful and responsibly crafted.