Our History

We was established in 1997. With headquarters in surakarta – Central Java, indonesia.  We provide superior manufacturer and exporter for rattan and nature fibers furniture. At its inception, Suwastama started with 4 artisans and 1 administrator. Our production capacity at that time was 1 container per month. We continued to strive for innovation and develop our production capacity. Growing now up until now our factory stands on an area of 50.000m2 with maximum capacity of 50 x 40Hc containers per month.

suwastama's factory

Why We Choose Rattan?

rattan is a natural material that is incredibly strong yet flexible. The sizes of wicker also vary, ranging from very small to medium. With these characteristics, Rattan is highly suitable for use as a raw material for furniture, as it can be shaped according to desire while remaining very sturdy.

rattan has a relatively fast life cycle. within just 2-4 years, it is ready for harvest. Most Rattan grows in clump, allowing for a significant amount to be grown in a small area. Rattan serves as a solution to our commitment to sustainability and acts as a step towards reducing deforestation.

Why Choose PT. Suwastama?

Decades of Excellence

With over two decades of experience and a global network of diverse partners, our products are a testament to our ability to meet your unique market needs. Our enduring commitment to quality, honed over decades of development, ensures that you receive top-notch products.

Industrial & HandMade

We seamlessly merge the mastery of skilled artisans with the precision of industrial machinery, ensuring a harmonious blend of speed and intricate detailing in our production process.


We produce ecofriendly furniture and home décor made from rattan with natural treatment, These pieces are meticulously handmade by proficient artisans. Our product is cleverly designed to optimize efficient stacking, to reduce our carbon footprint during transport.


Our Customer


We have collaborated and established a niche of products for the company across various parts of the world. Some of our main customers originate from the US, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Asia.

We are committed to continuously providing products that align with the needs of our customers. We would be delighted to hear about what you require, and we will bring it to fruition with the resources and expertise at our disposal.

Commitment In Sustainability

We highly uphold sustainability in every aspect and every line of our business processes. In terms of raw materials, we choose rattan due to its shorter lifecycle compared to other materials, supporting the government’s efforts to reduce deforestation. In terms of production, we opt for water-based paints to be more environmentally friendly. Regarding waste management, the waste we generate doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment due to the selection of eco-friendly materials. However, we still process the waste thoroughly until it’s deemed completely safe before releasing it into nature.