Building or renovating a house is a significant investment that requires careful planning. One key factor is choosing a competent and professional contractor. The contractor is responsible for the technical execution of the construction. Therefore, it’s essential to be cautious and thorough in the selection process.

Selecting the wrong contractor can pose risks to the quality of the building, delays, or even project failure. On the other hand, the right contractor will build your dream home to the highest quality standards and on time.

Tips for Choosing a Contractor

So, how do you choose the ideal home contractor? Here are some important things to consider:

Check References and Portfolio

  • References from previous clients and portfolios of past projects are crucial considerations when choosing a contractor.
  • Ask for references from the contractor’s clients. Get testimonials and direct reviews about their performance, professionalism, and their willingness to handle issues that arise.
  • Make sure that both the contractor and the client references are genuine and have worked together. This is important to ensure authentic and reliable testimonials.

Inspect and Verify Previous Project Results

  • Viewing the portfolio or photos of previous project results can depict the quality of a contractor’s work. However, it’s also important to verify by visiting or contacting project owners to ensure the authenticity of the work.

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Pay Attention to Legality and Certification

  • Ensure they have necessary legal documents such as Tax ID (NPWP), Business Trading License (SIUP), etc.
  • Check legal documents and make sure they are still valid. Contractors without complete legality may face issues with authorities or even disappear if the project stalls.
  • Prioritize certified contractors with expertise in construction, such as being a Certified Contractor from the Construction Services Development Agency (LPJK). Certification ensures the contractor continuously improves their skills through professional training.

Evaluate Experience and Technical Abilities

  • Choose a contractor with at least 5 years of experience in the construction industry. Ideally, they should have been active in the construction industry for a minimum of 5 years.
  • Having this experience means the contractor has proven their capability to handle various challenges in the field and understands the applicable building standards and regulations.
  • Ensure the contractor is supported by a professional technical team, including architects, project managers/engineers, and field supervisors involved from planning to construction execution.

Consider Cost and Schedule Estimates

  • Avoid contractors offering significantly lower prices than competitors, as hidden costs may be involved. Also, be cautious of contractors providing overly high cost estimates.
  • Choose a contractor who is open and cooperative in providing project cost estimates. They should be willing to break down the estimated costs for each job item, materials/equipment needed, including volumes and units.
  • It’s crucial to have a written agreement at the beginning regarding project costs to avoid misunderstandings later.

Clarity of Project Schedule

  • A reliable contractor will create a detailed schedule for the project’s execution, including estimated durations for each stage.
  • Ensure flexibility in case of changes in weather, delays in materials, or other unforeseen events that could slow down progress. The contractor should be responsive in adjusting plans to catch up with any schedule delays.


Choosing a highly qualified and professional contractor is crucial for the smooth and successful construction of your dream home. Pay attention to legal aspects, reputation, experience, technical abilities, and the reasonableness of cost and project schedule estimates when evaluating potential contractors. Conducting a careful and thorough selection process can minimize the risk of finding an incompetent contractor.

Establish intensive communication and a harmonious working relationship with the chosen contractor. The success of your dream home construction project depends significantly on the quality and productivity of the contractor.