Sanana Round Table

Dimensions :

77x75x40 Cm


  • Waterbase Natural+Black

Are you ready to elevate your living space with a touch of organic charm? Our Sanana Round Table is here to steal the show, bringing a unique blend of natural beauty and functional design into your home.

Dimensions that Fit Perfectly: At 77x75x40 cm, this table strikes the ideal balance between size and versatility. It's spacious enough to accommodate your essentials while remaining compact to fit seamlessly into any room.

Crafted with Precision: We take pride in using only the finest materials. Crafted from unpeeled rattan, core rattan, and foc rattan, this table embodies the essence of nature. Its distinct rattan composition not only exudes rustic allure but also showcases our commitment to quality.

Finishing That Stands Out: The Sanana Round Table boasts a finishing that's truly exceptional. With a water-based natural finish blended seamlessly with black accents, it's a visual masterpiece. The contrast between the earthy tones of natural rattan and the boldness of black creates a statement piece that's both modern and timeless.

Whether you're gathering for a cozy coffee morning or hosting an intimate dinner, this table is the perfect companion. Its sturdy build ensures durability, so you can enjoy its charm for years to come.

Enhance your home with the Sanana Round Table today and experience the harmonious blend of nature and style. It's not just a table; it's a conversation starter, a testament to your taste, and a piece of art in your living space. Embrace the beauty of natural rattan and redefine your interior with this exquisite creation.