Neva Rattan Mirror

Dimensions :


Material :

  • Unpelled Rattan
  • Core Rattan
  • Foc Rattan
  • Plywood
  • Mirror


  • Waterbase natural+White

Net weight

  • 05  KG


1020 pcs/40Hc


Elevate your living space with the Neva Rattan Mirror, a stunning piece of art that seamlessly combines natural elements with exquisite craftsmanship. With dimensions of 66x2 centimeters, this mirror is designed to bring a touch of beauty and charm to any room in your home.

Crafted using a meticulous combination of materials, the Neva Rattan Mirror boasts a unique construction:

Unpeeled Rattan: The outer layer of unpeeled rattan adds a rustic and organic texture, enhancing the mirror's connection with nature.
Core Rattan: The core rattan provides a sturdy structure, ensuring durability and longevity.
Foc Rattan: Intricately woven focal points of rattan create captivating patterns that catch and play with the light.
Plywood: The plywood base provides a solid foundation for the intricate rattan work, adding stability and strength.
Mirror: The high-quality mirror not only reflects your image but also amplifies the sense of space in your room.
To further enhance its appeal, the Neva Rattan Mirror features a Waterbase natural+White finish. This finish not only protects the mirror's surface but also imbues it with a soft, natural sheen that complements a variety of interior styles.

With a net weight of 1.05 kilograms, the Rattan Mirror is easily mountable and versatile in placement, allowing you to experiment with different settings to find the perfect spot in your home.

Planning to adorn a commercial space? The Neva Rattan Mirror is a practical choice as well. Its efficient design allows for easy transportation and storage. It boasts a loadebility of 1020 pieces per 40-foot high cube container (40Hc), making it an ideal option for large-scale interior projects.

Embrace the beauty of nature and craftsmanship with the Neva Rattan Mirror. Whether you're seeking to add a touch of elegance to your personal space or aiming to transform a commercial environment, this mirror's unique blend of materials and artistry is sure to captivate and inspire.