Mane Rattan Relax Chair

Dimensions :

68x68x84 cm

Material :

  • Core Rattan
  • Unpeeled Rattan
  • Foc Rattan


  • Waterbase Natural/Gray Wash

Net weight

  • 10 KG


588 pcs/40Hc


Elevate your relaxation experience with our exquisite Mane Rattan Relax Chair, a harmonious blend of artistry, comfort, and eco-friendliness. Crafted from high-quality materials and meticulously designed, this chair is the epitome of contemporary elegance.


68x68x84 cm


Core Rattan: The foundation of the chair, ensuring durability and stability.

Unpeeled Rattan: Adds a touch of natural aesthetics while maintaining strength.

Foc Rattan: Enhances the overall appeal with its distinct texture and visual charm.


Choose from our Waterbase Natural or Gray Wash finish to complement your decor seamlessly. The Waterbase Natural finish preserves the chair's organic look, while the Gray Wash finish adds a contemporary twist.

Net Weight:

A mere 4.10 kilograms makes it effortlessly portable, allowing you to place it wherever your heart desires.


With a remarkable loadability of 588 pieces per 40-foot high cube container, the Mane Rattan Relax Chair is an excellent choice for both personal and commercial settings.

Key Features:

Ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort.

Handcrafted with precision to ensure longevity.

Sustainable materials, perfect for eco-conscious individuals.

Versatile design that complements various interior styles.

Lightweight for easy mobility.

The Rattan Relax Chair beckons you to unwind and luxuriate in its embrace. Whether it's gracing your living room, patio, or even a cozy corner of your garden, this chair is an embodiment of relaxation and style. Invest in comfort and aesthetics; invest in the Mane Rattan Relax Chair today.

Experience the allure of nature and craftsmanship combined, brought to you by Suwastama.