Leavo Rattan Bench

Dimensions :

88x37x42 cm

Material :

  • Unpelled Rattan
  • Koboo Rattan
  • Peel Rattan


  • Waterbase Natural

Net weight

  • 91 KG


100 pcs/40Hc


Elevate your living space with the Leavo Rattan Bench, a masterpiece that seamlessly combines sophistication with a touch of nature. This meticulously crafted bench is designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room while providing comfortable seating. With its unique dimensions of 88x37x42 cm, it offers a cozy yet stylish addition to your home.

Material Excellence: Crafted with care and expertise, the Leavo Rattan Bench is a fusion of three premium rattan materials: Unpeeled Rattan, Koboo Rattan, and Peel Rattan. Each strand of rattan is handpicked to ensure durability and authenticity, reflecting the essence of nature within your interiors.

Elegant Finish: The bench is finished with a Waterbase Natural coating, enhancing its natural beauty and preserving the rattan's authenticity. This finish not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures that the bench maintains its grace for years to come.

Lightweight and Practical: With a net weight of just 4.91 KG, the Leavo Rattan Bench is easy to move around, allowing you to effortlessly adapt your interior arrangement. Its compact dimensions also make it suitable for various spaces, from hallways to bedrooms, providing versatile seating options.

Designed for Bulk: The Leavo Rattan Bench is not only about individual style but also about catering to larger needs. With a remarkable loadebility of up to 100 pieces in a 40-foot high-cube container (40Hc), it's an ideal choice for commercial spaces, hospitality setups, and event venues.

Embrace the beauty of nature within your living space with the Leavo Rattan Bench. It's not just a piece of furniture; it's an embodiment of craftsmanship, elegance, and the serene essence of rattan. Add this bench to your décor and experience the harmony of style and nature like never before.