Kasiruta Rattan Armchair

Dimensions :

56x59x80 cm

Material :

  • Unpelled Rattan
  • Core Rattan
  • Foc Rattan


  • Waterbase Black+natural

Net weight

  • 98 KG


784 pcs/40Hc


Introducing the Bajau Kasiruta Rattan Armchair – a fusion of timeless elegance and natural allure. This intricately crafted armchair is designed to bring a touch of rustic charm to your living space, seamlessly blending traditional aesthetics with modern comfort.


With dimensions of 56x59x80 cm, the Bajau Kasiruta Rattan Armchair is compact yet spacious enough to offer a cozy seating experience. Its thoughtfully designed form ensures a perfect fit for various settings, from cozy corners to elegant dining spaces.

Material Composition:

Crafted with utmost precision, this armchair boasts a combination of premium rattan materials that enhance both durability and aesthetics. The three key rattan types used are:

Unpeeled Rattan: The natural beauty of unpeeled rattan is preserved, adding an organic texture that resonates with nature.

Core Rattan: Known for its strength and flexibility, core rattan provides the framework for the chair's robust structure.

Foc Rattan: The intricate weaving of foc rattan lends a distinctive pattern to the chair's surface, showcasing skilled craftsmanship.


The Bajau Kasiruta Rattan Armchair features a captivating finishing touch that combines Waterbase Black with natural hues. This sophisticated combination not only enhances the chair's visual appeal but also provides protection against the elements, ensuring longevity even with regular use.

Weight and Load Capacity:

Weighing just 3.98 KG, this armchair strikes a perfect balance between sturdiness and portability. Its net weight allows for easy maneuvering, whether you're rearranging your living space or hosting a gathering. Additionally, the armchair's remarkable load-carrying capacity is demonstrated by its ability to accommodate up to 784 pieces in a 40-foot High Cube container, making it an ideal choice for bulk orders or commercial spaces.

Elevate your interior décor with the Bajau Kasiruta Rattan Armchair, where craftsmanship meets comfort. Indulge in the beauty of handwoven rattan while relishing the support and relaxation it provides. Each piece encapsulates the essence of nature and traditional artistry, making it a truly unique addition to any setting.