Hinako Rattan Planter

Dimensions :

32x32x34.5 cm

Material :

  • Unpelled Rattan
  • Core Rattan
  • Foc Rattan


  • Waterbase Natural

Net weight

  • 98 Kg


1386 pcs/40Hc


Elevate the aesthetics of your living space with the Hinako Rattan Planter, a timeless piece that seamlessly merges simplicity and sophistication. Crafted from a combination of unpelled rattan, core rattan, and foc rattan, this planter embodies the essence of nature while offering practicality for your gardening needs.


Dimensions: 32x32x34.5 cm - A compact size that fits beautifully in any corner of your home, be it your cozy balcony or chic living room.


  • Unpelled Rattan: Known for its natural charm and durability, unpelled rattan adds a touch of rustic elegance to your space.
  • Core Rattan: Enhancing the structural integrity of the planter, core rattan ensures longevity and stability.
  • Foc Rattan: The inclusion of foc rattan highlights the artistry behind this planter, showcasing the fine craftsmanship.


  • Waterbase Natural: The water-based natural finish not only enhances the rich color of the rattan but also ensures that it remains eco-friendly and safe for your plants.

Net Weight:

  • 0.98 Kg: Lightweight and easy to move, allowing you to effortlessly change its placement according to your preferences.


  • 1386 pcs/40Hc: Perfect for large-scale projects or for those looking to incorporate a touch of natural beauty into their commercial spaces.

The Hinako Rattan Planter brings the tranquility of nature into your home, serving as a stunning backdrop for your favorite plants. Whether you have a collection of succulents or a flourishing fern, this planter provides the ideal environment for them to thrive.

Embrace the simplicity of design and the richness of nature with the Hinako Rattan Planter - your gateway to a harmonious fusion of style and greenery. Elevate your home décor effortlessly with this exquisite piece.