Zeela Rattan Jar

Dimensions :

11×16.5 cm

Material :

  • Core Rattan
  • Antique Peel Rattan


  • Waterbase Natural

Net weight

  • 14 Kg


25704 pcs/40Hc


Elevate your living space with the Zeela Rattan Jar, a meticulously crafted masterpiece that seamlessly marries traditional artisanal techniques with the rustic allure of natural materials. This intricately designed jar adds a touch of rustic charm to any room, making it a perfect addition to your home decor.


Dimensions: 11x16.5 cm Material:

  • Core Rattan
  • Antique Peel Rattan Finishing: Waterbase Natural Net Weight: 0.14 Kg Loadability: 25,704 pcs/40Hc

Crafted from high-quality Core Rattan and Antique Peel Rattan, this jar embodies the essence of nature's finest materials. The Core Rattan lends durability and strength to the structure, while the Antique Peel Rattan adds a timeless aesthetic appeal. The Waterbase Natural finishing enhances the natural beauty of the rattan, bringing out its earthy tones and textures.

With dimensions measuring 11x16.5 cm, this jar is both compact and versatile, fitting seamlessly into a variety of spaces, from shelves to countertops. Its lightweight design, with a net weight of only 0.14 Kg, allows for easy placement and repositioning, making it a versatile decorative piece.

The Zeela Rattan Jar isn't just a beautiful addition to your home; it's also eco-friendly. Crafted from sustainable rattan materials, it aligns with the principles of responsible consumption and adds an eco-conscious touch to your decor.

With a remarkable loadability of 25,704 pieces in a 40-foot high cube container, this jar is also an excellent choice for retailers looking to add a touch of rustic elegance to their product offerings.

Whether used to store small trinkets, as a decorative centerpiece, or simply as an expression of your appreciation for the beauty of nature, the Zeela Rattan Jar is sure to captivate all who encounter it. Bring the warmth and charm of the outdoors into your home with this exquisite piece of functional art. Elevate your living space with the Zeela Rattan Jar today and experience the harmonious blend of craftsmanship and nature's beauty.